26th June 2013
'Jubiloos' shortlisted for two awards
The New London Awards 2013 – Best Public Building. Winner to be announced July 11th 2013 and The British Construction Awards Building Project of the Year (up to £3m) to be announced October 9th 2013.

28th November 2102
London City Network ReBoot
Mark Power presents his project the 'Jubiloo', New Public Conveniences on the South Bank, as part of the RSA's London City Network ReBoot.


3rd October 2012
Urbanism in ancient Rome
Good feedback from Cardiff University Welsh School of Architecture staff and students for Mark Power's lecture on urbanism in ancient Rome:

"Mark Power's lecture on the Roman city . . . was almost revelatory for me.  I felt a veil was being lifted on buildings, cities, ruins I'd visited previously, but never properly seen.  If only I'd heard Mark speak about Roman design  . . . I would've reacted quite differently to Roman ruins I've visited. Mark's lecture has shifted my memories of those visits somewhat." 


July 23rd 2012
You can now follow Mark on Twitter @markitect.


July 1st 2012
A Burnish’d Throne
The ‘Jubiloo Shakespeare Company’ (JSC), directed by Ed Viney, performed their take on Act 2, Scene II of Antony and Cleopatra to over 200 appreciative South Bank promenaders as part of the London Festival of Architecture.


28th June 2012
RSA visit Jubiloo
Mark took the RSA Fellows Artists Group (FAGS) and their guests for a pee and chat at the Jubiloo, which sparked a lively discussion afterwards about the role of public funding
for the Arts.


3rd June 2012
The Jubiloo provides shelter during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant.
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May 24th 2012
Jubiloo Official Opening
The new public conveniences on the South Bank were opened by Kate Hoey MP, to the
accompaniment of the Voicelab Singers singing ‘Up, up and away in my beautiful Jubiloo’.

Hoey said: ‘The Jubiloo is another example of how the South Bank partners continue to innovate and invest in the area to maintain its position as London’s premier visitor destination boosting the local and London economy.’

New Neighbourhood Arts Venues
Granted permission in East End railway arches for a cinema entrepreneur, film distributor
and dance company. We are now working with Transport for London to realise the project.


January 2012
Red Barn wins planning permission
We have won planning permission to convert a hop barn into a new farmhouse in the
Kentish green belt.


24 May 2012
Jubilee Gardens Public Conveniences
A striking new 134sqm2 public convenience on the southbank 100 metres from the London Eye.

Opening on May 24th by Kate Hoey MP for Vauxhall. Competition winning entry, designed by Mark Power Architect for Healthmatic Ltd who have installed and will operate the facility. Commissioned by the South Bank Centre

The design is inspired by the discovery of Roman Galley remains under the former GLC building. The ship-like roof appears to float above a liquid base, reflecting the river and ebb and flow of passers-by. The roof also acts as a vessel for the collection of rainwater which joins grey water from the South Bank Centre's bore hole supply to flush the toilets.

Photograher Kelly Hill has documented the build throughout.


28 November 2011
Jubilee Gardens WCs Pavillion


Mark Power Architects have won planning permission on behalf of Southbank Centre and Healthmatic Ltd. for a new 134 m2 public WC pavilion to serve West 8’s re-landscaped Jubilee Gardens. The site on Metropolitan Open Land alongside Queen’s Walk is close to where Powell & Moya’s Skylon stood during the 1951 Festival of Britain.

The projected lifespan of this largely pre-fabricated building is 5-10 years. Its attended facilities will be housed in glass-clad steel pods, unified by a projecting canopy with a lapped timber-boarded soffit and a gold anodised aluminium roof, continuously visible from the London Eye.

Inspired by its riverine setting, the pavilion takes the form of a vessel temporarily moored in alignment with the historic shoreline of the Thames, before its re-embankment (on Bazelgette’s model) created Queen’s Walk. This promenade is now part of the ‘continuous foyer’ of South Bank’s public realm. Here the movement of thousands of people in both directions parallels the coming-and-going of the river tide. Those in need of relief will pass through the pavilion like river creatures swimming in the space beneath a craft’s hull. For others it will be a backdrop to performances under the trees, or a seat from which to gaze at the Waterloo Sunset.

The pavilion canopy’s dramatic boat-shape, floating darkly on its frozen river of glass mirroring its surroundings, is a synthetic device: it will act as a rainwater harvesting impluvium for the building’s water-hungry uses (fed too by the Royal Festival hall’s groundwater bore-hole), but also as a shape-shifting visual pun, super-imposing several local associations: Roman galley remains discovered beneath County Hall; 18th C follies, fountains and pleasure gardens; theatre, variety and entertainment; working timber wharves.

South Bank old timer Shakespeare’s vision of Cleopatra in her barge seemed wryly to summarise our own reflections, itself a recollection of his youthful sight of Elizabeth I on the Thames:

The barge she sat in, like a burnish’d throne,
Burn’d on the water; the poop was beaten gold,
(Antony & Cleopatra, Act II scene 2)


16 December 2010
Don't Move Improve! Award Winner: Best Use of Timber
Mark Power Architects for Cadell Close

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12 February 2011
Don't Move Improve! Public Day
NLA Free Architecture Consultations

Mark Power will be taking part in the NLA's second annual day of free Don't Move, Improve! Events will be taking place on Saturday 12 February. Architects and interior designers will be offering free design surgeries throughout the day; there will be free talks on getting started with your home extension, architects giving design inspiration; an exhibition of 50 of the capital's best home extensions; demonstrations, and much more! All events are free to attend, but booking is highly recommended for the consultations and talks.

Register a place


Until 26 February 2011
Don't Move Improve! Exhibition

An exhibition showcasing all 50 shortlisted and winning schemes at the New London Architecture (NLA) galleries, The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London WC1.