London Terrace

Entrance exterior
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Entrance interior

Best Use of Timber
Don't Move Improve 2010

“In my experience,
Mark’s not waylaid by fashion. His focus is
on considered expression of building form and materials and responsiveness to brief”

Kitchen detail

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Roof detail



Inital sketch



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London Terrace, Entrance
Completion 2008

Winner NLA Don't Move Improve 2010
Best Use of Timber

“He’s very thoughtful and will always listen to your comments and then incorporate a response into the design”

Cadell Close is a new paradigm in residential transformation.

Our design unusually extends the front of a 1970s brick terrace house near Columbia Road to provide an artist/architect couple and family additional living space. The challenge was to re-invent a family home’s threshold to the street, with the contradictory needs of welcome and security in a gritty neighbourhood.

The ‘tower’ extension refers to local market gardening and wood-working traditions, which preceded the area’s 19th Century urbanisation, using timber construction in both ‘raw’ and ‘cooked’ forms to make the transition from street to interior: Gledista sunrise tree, Hazel rods, black stained weather-boarding, smoked oak veneered joinery. Reorganisation within the house introduced old-fashioned space-types, such as the entrance hall, cloaks cupboard and pantry, decluttering the main spaces and allowing them to become elegant living rooms. The emergence of the tower clerestory above the main house captures afternoon sunlight in the main bedroom.

Our commitment to designing a sustainable, well-insulated timber-framed enclosure and adding south-facing solar water heating panels on the main roof has reduced energy use and costs.