City Loft

Entrance shelving
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Interior view

Bedroom and storage

Wall detail


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City Loft Apartment

A financial analyst and artist/archaeologist asked us to transform their duplex city warehouse for family life along with display of their fascinating collection of cultural artefacts. The apartment has a serene, calm atmosphere, rare in the heart of the city, with a beautiful airy, timber-trussed upper floor. The lower floor consequently had to work hard to provide all the private accommodation. We designed all the internal divisions as storage walls with pocket sliding American walnut veneered doors to optimise sightlines to the windows when open and provide enclosure, privacy and a feeling of warmth and richness when closed. In a minimal interior each architectural element must provide a single answer to several questions: walls are also vehicles for subdivision, storage and display. We drew inspiration from Brancusi's atelier where found objects are allowed, ‘free association in a neutral space’

We are now working on more projects for the same client.